The New Zealand Association of Scientists
The NZAS is an independent body that stands for and advocates for science and scientists in New Zealand. It is made up of a wide cross-section of the New Zealand science community, from University departments to CRIs to those working in independent research organisations or in science-related policy development. NZAS exists to promote science in terms of increasing public awareness of science, representing the views of New Zealand scientists, and encouraging scientific excellence. The NZAS also acts to promote debate and research on science and science policy in New Zealand, and to engage with Government on the development of national science policy. The Association is a non-profit incorporated society and is a registered charity. It is managed by an executive council drawn from the membership. The NZAS publishes a quarterly journal, the New Zealand Science Review, which publishes articles on research and on science policy.
History and past presidents
A history of the NZAS, authored by Geoff Gregory, and published in the Science Review is available via the following links for part 1part 2, and part 3.
A list of past presidents of the NZAS is available here.
Joining NZAS
New Zealand scientists, and people engaged with the New Zealand science sector, are welcome to join NZAS. Membership of NZAS helps support the advocacy of science in New Zealand. As a member of the NZAS you also receive:

  • New Zealand Science Review, the official publication of the association,
  • representation before government, and other relevant groups, on issues of importance to scientists, and
  • opportunities for participation in discussion on issues relating to New Zealand science.
  • an optional profile on scientists.org.nz

The Association Rules are available in pdf form here.
Membership fees for 2014-2015
Invoices are sent out to existing members in August each year.  Annual membership fees are:

  • $70.00 for full members;
  • $80.00 for joint members;
  • $45.00 for retired, associate members (this option is also available for those who are unwaged);
  • $20.00 for undergraduate and postgraduate students
  • $150.00 for corporate membership (receive 2 copies of NZSR).

Fees for libraries (including postage, but not including agents fees) are school libraries $45.00; NZ libraries $88; overseas libraries $101.00.  These are usually paid for the calendar year. See payement options at the bottom of this page.