The New Zealand Association of Scientists is a genuinely independent association of scientists who work and lobby to:

  • promote science in New Zealand,
  • increase public awareness of science and expose pseudo-science,
  • debate and influence government science policy,
  • improve working conditions for scientists, including gender and ethnic equality,
  • promote free exchange of knowledge and international co-operation,
  • and encourage excellence in science.

The Association membership includes physical, natural, mathematical and social scientists and welcomes members with an interest in science education, policy, communication and the social impact of science and technology.

News & Recent Posts

17 July 2015

The President's column from NZSR 72(1) can be found here.

29 April 2015

The prestigious L’Oreal - UNESCO Awards for outstanding Women in Science are open again for applications.  http://www.fwis.fr/es/awards

The award is for women scientists working in the Life Sciences. Entries close on June 16 and the award is for €100,000.

20 April 2015

The 2015 New Zealand Association of Scientists annual conference, Going Public: Scientists speaking out on difficult issues was held 12 March at the Royal Society of New Zealand in Wellington

Discussion ranged from empowering scientists to speak out, to ensuring scientists are trusted communicators, to the responsibilities scientists hold when they engage with the public.

Podcasts of these presentations are available via the following link:


20 April 2015

The 2013/2014 President's report from NZSR 71(4) can be found here.

18 March 2015

In response to some of the issues raised in our survey on the National Science Challenges last year, we've been asked to let our members know about the upcoming roadshow for the National Science Challenge - Science for Technological Innovation.

Please feel free to go to any of these meetings and ask questions of the Director of this Challenge!