The New Zealand Association of Scientists is a genuinely independent association of scientists who work and lobby to:

  • promote science in New Zealand,
  • increase public awareness of science and expose pseudo-science,
  • debate and influence government science policy,
  • improve working conditions for scientists, including gender and ethnic equality,
  • promote free exchange of knowledge and international co-operation,
  • and encourage excellence in science.

The Association membership includes physical, natural, mathematical and social scientists and welcomes members with an interest in science education, policy, communication and the social impact of science and technology.

News & Recent Posts

12 November 2015

The NZ Association of Scientists will be presenting its annual awards on Thursday, November 19, 2015 from 5:30 pm, at the Royal Society of New Zealand - 11 Turnbull St Wellington.

The recipients of the Marsden Medal, Shorland Medal, and NZAS Research Medal will all make short presentations on their scientific achievements, and the NZAS Science Communication Medal winner will discuss their activities communicating science.

30 September 2015

The NZAS press release about concern over the redefinition of the purpose of CRIs can be found here.

24 September 2015

The NZAS press release about AgResearch redundancies can be found here.

08 September 2015

The President's column from NZSR 72(2) can be found here.

13 August 2015

As momentum builds towards an international climate change agreement at the UN COP 21 conference in Paris, the Embassy of France, the Royal Society and Radio New Zealand have invited New Zealand and French experts to discuss the long term impact of climate change on society.